Therapy Without Walls – Educating both the MIND and the HEART

Schools, PRUs, and residential care homes carry an increasing responsibility to address the needs of young people in distress as a result of adverse childhood experiences, emotional concerns, behavioural problems, social and peer pressure, family tension, bereavement, and normal developmental issues. Yet, many of us wanting to support troubled and troubling young people can feel deskilled and apprehensive when trying to relate to them.

We are currently offering a number of jargon-free courses to suit your needs. These targeted one-day courses provide CPD at an introductory level and are designed specifically for those who already support, or come into contact with, challenging and vulnerable young people but who have no formal training in counselling or psychotherapy.


DATE: Thursday 23rd September 2021

LOCATION: Chester Zoo

COST: £140 per person to include refreshments, lunch and access to the zoo after the session

Traumatised children and young people are rarely seen in a positive light and regularly find themselves at the receiving end of the ‘monster’ epithet. Yet, their disruptive attitude is not wilful defiance but often originates in profound feelings of fear, shame, and powerlessness. They are not soulless savages, they are survivors of adverse childhood experiences, and their ‘monstrous’ behaviour is the means by which they manage early terrors and conceal the hurt aspect of their self. They are children who learned that love only brings pain and rejection. They are emotional orphans who grew up expecting the worst from others.

On this course, we will embark on an exciting venture into an unknown world, a voyage into the inner world of the emotionally wounded child. Along the way, we will provide you with the necessary tools to form meaningful and healing relationships, the courage to keep on going regardless of any obstacles you might encounter, and a map to negotiate their complex inner worlds.

During this course a range of themes will be explored, including:

  • The impact of abuse, deprivation, and adverse childhood experiences on emotional development
  • An insight into the inner worlds of challenging young people
  • The neurobiology of fear
  • How pop culture can help us access, navigate, and negotiate their complex inner worlds.
  • How to understand and work with non-verbal communication
  • How to use the expressive Arts to safely access experiences that have defied verbal expression but continue to crave recognition

This course is accredited by UKCPD. Certification will be provided upon successful completion of the workshop.

About the Trainer

David is a UKCP registered psychotherapeutic counsellor, author and trainer with over 20 years experience working with vulnerable children and young people. He is a published author and has written articles for many well renowned publications. Read more HERE

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Note: If you would like to discuss the provision of this training as a be-spoke course for your organisation please contact us at and we would be happy to help you.