Change by choice


Bryn Tirion Hall School is an Independent School for boys and girls aged from 7 to 19 years. The learners who attend have a range of additional learning needs from social and emotional to ADHD and ASD, some may have complex needs. The school is accommodated in a rural area between the towns of Mold and Wrexham in North Wales.

Our education provision is founded on one simple concept - ‘Change By Choice’, which is the capacity for every individual to find alternative pathways to success.

Learners, staff, families, carers and the communities that we operate in are encouraged to grow and learn together in an atmosphere of cooperation, understanding and tolerance. We embrace innovation, finding different ways to help our young people achieve their full potential, where all previous and traditional routes have failed.

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Quality Education with Care (QEWC) appreciates that every child and young person in its care is unique and believes every individual should have the choice to change and achieve their fullest potential.

The teams in our family-style care homes take time to understand the individual life experience and story of each resident, working in partnership with them, their parents or carers and placing authorities and offering pioneering and personalised support.

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Our innovative and sector-leading approach to care and education doesn’t only benefit our pupils and high-trained staff. We’re also proud to be a beacon of best practice for the specialist care and education sector, offering a range of professional training programmes.

We believe that by sharing knowledge and striving for continual development and improvement within the care and education sector we can improve our industry and transform the futures of children and young people across the UK with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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QEWC is a family-run business founded in by a group of additional learning needs and care professionals with an innovative vision and the desire to transform the lives of some of the most underestimated youngsters in the country.

With more than seven decades collective experience working in schools and residential care homes for children, the QEWC team set out to deliver exactly what its organisation name states, quality education supported by a full range of residential and therapeutic Care services, 52 weeks a year.

Board of Directors
Ben Chadwick (Member of Finance & QA Committee)
Robert Chadwick (Member of QA Committee)
Roger Chadwick
Natalie Fletcher
Paul Wright (Member of Finance Committee)
Vilma Chadwick (Member of Finance Committee)
Michele Wright (Member of Finance Committee)

Company Secretary:
Annette Cunningham -

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Our Values


We believe that all children and young people deserve the highest quality care and education, regardless of any social, emotional, behavioural difficulties that they may have endured or continue to endure. We commit to providing the excellence in care and education that will equip them to make choices that change their lives for the better.


Care is at the heart of everything we do. We take the time and care to understand the individual life experience and story of each resident, pupil and employee, and we advocate the importance of community and working together to all achieve our greatest potential.


We encourage an attitude of ‘Change by Choice’ in all of our schools and care homes, providing a nurturing, family-style environment where staff, residents and pupils alike can develop, grow and improve their own lives and the lives of those of others around them.

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