At QEWC, we embrace innovation, finding different ways to help our young people achieve their full potential, where all previous and traditional routes have failed.

This isn’t like a normal school. They treat you differently here and we all try and work together. As well as GCSEs we get to do work experience and also life skills, so you know what you need to do when you leave school.

Year 8 learner

I feel young people flourish in Bryn Tirion Hall. One young man who has only been there five months is like a changed person.

LAC Nurse

Since my son has been at Bryn Tirion the difference in him has been amazing at home and school, he is happy to go to school every day and always talks about the great things that he does, he has been on amazing school trips and he has learnt how to socialise with others. I cannot praise this school enough for the difference they have made to our family life.


I loved camping and  EL, it’s amazing and fun. I went paddle boarding, abseiling and climbing and we went for 1 night and 2 days. I’m really proud of myself because I done abseiling. I got a bit upset but when I was half way down I loved it. Thank you Nicky and Wardy.


Really enjoyed working with Bryn Tirion Hall today as part of the Princes Trust Wales in in Wrexham. An absolute wonderful group of young people.

The Princes Trust Wales