ACES: The Effects of Adverse Experiences and Trauma on Children and Young People-Workshop

Event date: 01/10/22

Event start time: 08:07

Location: To be confirmed

QEWC has extensive experience and knowledge of working successfully with children and young people who display challenging behaviour. We are the North Wales provider of the BILD accredited ‘Positive Approaches to Behaviour Management’ training programme by PRICE and have a number of other areas in which we support organisations and individuals by way of training programmes and mentoring.

We are pleased to inform you that we have developed a one-day workshop which will consider the reasons why we see these behaviours occurring on an ever increasing scale in a wide range of settings including education, care and young people’s services.

What will be covered

We have grown used to daily reports of violence, gang wars, rude behaviour, delinquency, vandalism, bullying, and low teacher morale. Some teenagers and children can seem completely un-teachable, disrespectful, immune to behaviour management strategies, and rejecting of anybody who dares to care. Yet their disruptive and hostile attitude is not simply willful defiance, but often originates in profound feelings of fear, shame, and powerlessness.

Those of us wanting to support troubled and troubling children and young people can feel deskilled and apprehensive when trying to relate to them, but finding the right approach can help them to flourish within our communities. The research shows that a sense of real connectedness with just one caring adult in their lives is enough to end their sense of aloneness, anger, feelings of being misunderstood, and prevent them from doing to others what was done to them. Hence the essential need for this course, especially when so few adults are specifically trained to work therapeutically with this challenging age group.

This day will consist of two workshops which will provide participants with an insight into the inner world of challenging children and young people. They will explore, how to better understand and negotiate the inner world of troubled and troubling young people, and how emotionally nourishing interactions can help them return to a more flexible and creative way of living.

Who should attend

This course is designed for those who already support troubled children and teenagers but who have had no formal training in counselling. It will also benefit those who work in a wider education setting, care provision, or any of the varied range of young persons’ services. It will offer an opportunity to gain essential skills and will provide the sound theoretical knowledge necessary to work creatively, therapeutically, empathically and ethically with children and young people.

If you would like to book places or request any further information please contact